Through the Eyes of – Working at FORWARD AND THINKING

For the “Through the Eyes of”- series, we have asked our team to tell us a bit how they experienced working at Forward And Thinking, how they have developed and what they think of the agency. We can tell you so much about how amazing the team is, but we thought it’s better to hear it from themselves!

Name:  Darren Clewes

Job Title: Sales Director

Why do you like working at Forward And Thinking? 

We are a company that genuinely CARE about our clients and our team. Nothing is more important and nothing gets in the way of this. It’s this investment in our clients’ success that drives us forwards and that is the singular reason why I joined the company in the first place.

What has been your greatest achievement? 

There’s really been too many to mention, but if pushed I have a soft spot for the first video we executed for Wakefield Grammar School. The two very long shoot days, and a lot of hard work, resulted in a super video and delivered great engagement across TV and social media.

Have you learnt a lot whilst being at Forward And Thinking? What Training / development have you enjoyed the most? 

Working at Forward and Thinking has taught me the value of ‘pooled experience’. We’re really fortunate that we have experts in many different media channels and to draw on that collective experience to deliver joined up, well-thought-out media planning only benefits our clients. Being able to say ‘I don’t know, but I know someone who does’ is a liberating feeling. Everyone should try admitting they don’t have all the answers.

Tell us about your team?

The sales team at Forward And Thinking have over 80 years collective experience across multiple media channels. It’s a theme in this, but true to say, that we genuinely CARE about our clients, we’re totally invested in their success because nothing in our job should be more important. We’re a really nice mix of characters too that support each other and celebrate everyone’s achievements.

Tell us about a recent project you worked on or a nice encounter you had with a co-worker.

The sheer nature of my job means that every project I undertake is with a number of internal stakeholders, from digital and offline planning through to simply bouncing ideas off each other. The current lockdown we are currently experiencing has resulted in a few ‘nice encounters’ with a number of coworkers who are simply checking in to be supportive. There’s nothing better than someone being nice because they want to rather than because they should.

Thanks Darren, we love your drive and energy! Keep it up!