Through the Eyes of – Working at FORWARD AND THINKING

For the “Through the Eyes of”- series, we have asked our team to tell us a bit how they experienced working at Forward And Thinking, how they have developed and what they think of the agency. We can tell you so much about how amazing the team is, but we thought it’s better to hear it from themselves!

Name:  Lisa Hepworth 

Job Title: Business Development Executive

Why do you like working at Forward And Thinking? 

I instantly liked the vibe I got from Forward and Thinking – we’re a close knit team and as the newest member it’s been easy to find my place within this group. As with any new role there is a lot to learn and I can honestly say every member of the team has helped me out and are genuinely happy to see you succeed and will help in any way they can.

What has been your greatest achievement? 

Probably getting my first few clients campaigns booked during lockdown – building a client base is hard enough but throw a global pandemic into the mix, it tests the nerves!

Have you learnt a lot whilst being at Forward And Thinking? What Training / development have you enjoyed the most? 

There was a lot of product training in the early weeks and learning about the team and processes at F&T – the media mix that we can offer is immense so the possibilities are often endless. I previously came from a digital marketing background; the technology moves on quickly so keeping up is hard. Add TV, radio and outdoor options to the pot, every day is literally a school day!

What exams have you passed?

I’m working my way through the google exams; my search exam will be completed soon! Hopefully the exam goes as well as the practice test! (85%)

Tell us about your team?

The sales team are great, we all have different styles and experiences so it’s good to bounce off each other and to get their opinion on things. I’m pretty similar to Jo with my approach to client relationships and new business so I like to draw on her expertise and knowledge base whenever I can!

Tell us about a recent project you worked on or a nice encounter you had with a co-worker.

It’s hard to pick! I really enjoyed Nat W’s challenge for us to find more out about each other – I spoke to Georgia which was fun! Matt and Nat W have both been really great with all my questions during lockdown too!

Explain Forward And Thinking in three words?

Flexible, Supportive, Driven.

Very chuffed to hear this, Lisa! Keep doing what your doing – you’re amazing 🙂