Through the Eyes of – Working at FORWARD AND THINKING

For the “Through the Eyes of”- series, we have asked our team to tell us a bit how they experienced working at Forward And Thinking, how they have developed and what they think of the agency. We can tell you so much about how amazing the team is, but we thought it’s better to hear it from themselves!

Name:  Jo Costello

Job Title: Senior Business Development Manager

Why do you like working at Forward And Thinking? 

Because the company genuinely cares about its clients’ needs.

What has been your greatest achievement? 

Last year’s sales figures and being made a Senior BDM.

Have you learnt a lot whilst being at Forward And Thinking? What Training / development have you enjoyed the most? 

The ongoing online training and development has been really enjoyable and helped me achieve my targets and Natalie Downie has constantly given me help, advice training to support me in the senior role too.

What exams have you passed?

Google Analytics (but out of date by now!) – Will be doing some very soon!

Tell us about your team?

It’s the best team! The sales team really help and support each other. In previous jobs the sales teams have been very competitive and only interested in their own gain or achievements. Here at Forward And Thinking we all work together to help each member of the team achieve their goals and targets. (how lovely is that!)

Tell us about a recent project you worked on or a nice encounter you had with a co-worker.

I recently had to move all the media from a clients’ June open event and push it back to August due to Covid 19. I worked with Natalea Walker (Media Planning Manager) and between us we spoke to the client and suppliers finding new dates, ensuring the client still got the best from the budget and campaign.

Natalea helped me with new flight plans that were simple for the client to see and suggestions for alternatives when certain panels/media had not been available. Working together and using Natalea’s strengths as a planner made what could have been a difficult task, easy manageable.

The client was extremely happy with not only the alternatives we had to select but the ease in which it was done.

It showed the client using an agency, they only had to speak to me rather than 6 separate suppliers and demonstrated our great relationships with the suppliers.

Wow what a challenge, well done for the team effort involved! Thanks, Jo, this is so lovely to hear! Keep smashing those sales target and supporting your team 🙂