The working from home diaries 2020: Emily, Senior Media Planner

Along with 2.6 billion other people, Forward And Thinking’s team is working from home.

Find out how each one of us is dealing with the lockdown, their coping mechanisms and everyday madness

Emily Rymchuck, our Senior Media Planner, shares her thoughts.

1. What’s your work situation like at the moment?

A comfy spot in our spare double room. Laptop, large screen and my Alexa.

2. Describe your socialising strategy 

Video call…video drinking… video call… video drinking (with some video kickboxing 3 times a week) – all with Nathan (the BF)!

3. What are you reading? 

Not a penny more, not a penny less by Jeffrey Archer.

4. What are you watching?

Every Disney plus movie 😀

5. What are you listening to? 

Blasting Spotify playlists through the Alexa or Capital XTRA Reloaded (great station!!!)

6. How are you staying fit? 

Online kickboxing sessions (thanks Invictus Martial Arts!) and walking most days (only once and near the house!)

7. Have you taken up a hobby? 

Trying to learn to cook new meals … and re-doing them to make them taste better … and we’ve become DIY experts sorting all the new house bits!

8. Any tips for getting necessities?

Rubber gloves! Or Amazon.. they seem to have something of everything!

9. Any advice on how to cope with kids’/partners’ meltdowns/ cabin fever?

I ain’t no baby momma yet lol!!!

10.  An awkward moment?
Frazzling my brain with this one. DUNNO haha sorry.
11.  Best work email?

The images of new team members… in the form of pets! Dogs on seats at the screen… reptiles on the keyboards!

12.  An aha! Moment?

Having a Friday team drink video call after work … but it didn’t end until 6 hours later.. WOOPS. The Gins slipped down so well (from what I can remember)!

13.   What’s your theory on how this is going to play out?

Who bloody knows.. but our team will still be smashing it! I shall drink Gin until it ends.