The rise of Tiktok during the Covid-19 pandemic

Everybody’s heard of TikTok due to its worldwide popularity with millions of users. Whether it be viral dances, comedic lip-sync videos or video challenges. With the current Coronavirus pandemic the app has proven popular, it is arguably THE social media platform of 2020.

What is TikTok? 

TikTok is a video sharing social networking site consisting of 15-30 second dance and lip-sync videos. It allows for users to create their own sounds and content.

The app has proven popular with many different types of creators. Everyday users participate in the many dancing and lip-syncing challenges. Brands can use the site to promote their products. Makeup artists and fashion designers can use it to showcase their work. Even doctors and lawyers use the site to spread professional advice – particularly useful now.

Who are the most successful TikTok influencers?

Holly H, aged 23, is the most famous British TikTok creator with over 16 million followers. Her videos commonly consist of comedy lip-syncs and dancing videos. When looking at worldwide TikTok fame, these seem to be the most popular kinds of videos to create. Charli D’Amelio, who currently has the highest following on the platform of over 50 million, creates similar content. Charli is also a member of the ‘hype house’. The ‘hype house’ relates to a group of the most famous content creators based in Los Angeles. They all live together in a mansion and often create videos together in order to gain more followers.

Many of these TikTok “stars” hold the same status as mainstream celebrities within their community. However, it is unlikely for somebody to know of a famous TikTok star unless they are familiar with the platform.

How the Coronavirus pandemic has boosted TikTok’s usage

Prior to the past couple of months, TikTok creators and audiences seemed to be of a young teen age demographic ranging from about 12-16 years old. However, with the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in the country being on lockdown, the platform seems to be making its way through to older generations with many teens seen to be doing challenges with their parents and grandparents.

Jeannie Moment, aged 12, has been using the platform since 2016 stating that she often watches her friend’s videos and everyone in the ‘hype house’. Jeannie goes on to say that she often creates dancing videos on the platform.

Charlotte Firth, aged 21, talks about her recent use of the social media app. She talks about her first introduction to the platform being from her 9-year-old cousin, stating “I made an account specifically to watch her videos”. However, since the lockdown she has found herself having a lot more time to look through the app and has become invested in videos seemingly aimed at an older audience, “specifically cleaning tips, food recipe ideas and makeup videos”.

TikTok serves to battle boredom and as a form of exercise

She mentions that she has even began to create her own comedy videos to send to friends as a way to cure boredom and comments on the fact that older generations seem to be becoming more interested in creating dance videos, sometimes as a form of exercise. It is clear that there is a difference in the way different age groups interact with TikTok but the app definitely has overwhelming popularity with people of all ages.

Recently, you are bound to come across some form of TikTok video. Viral videos have even been broadcast on This Morning! Celebrities such as Kylie Jenner have joined the phenomenon, doing both dances and comedic lip-sync videos.

With its catchy sounds and dances, TikTok definitely seems to be the way forward for all ages to cure lockdown boredom!

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