Through the Eyes of – Working at FORWARD AND THINKING

Along with 2.6 billion other people, Forward And Thinking’s team is working from home.
Find out how each one of us is dealing with the lockdown, their coping mechanisms and everyday madness.

Natalea Walker, our Media Planning Manager, shares what she has discovered so far.

1. What’s your work situation like at the moment?

Surprisingly good! Once I’d got my work station sorted, I was raring to go. Getting used to walking into my garage to work 9-5 has been bizarre especially as i’m used to commuting a fair distance, but I wanted to be seperate from the house and as far away from distractions as I could! I’d say I’m quite comfortable with it now, it’s my cosy little cave!

2. What’s your socialising strategy?

Socializing, what’s that?! I used to think I was a chatty person, but this distancing malarky has taught me that I’m actually quite quiet. My other half might disagree though 😉 Whatsapp is my life right now, messaging and the odd FT calls.

3. What are you reading?

Novel wise, The Tattooist of Auschwitz & Ant Middleton The First Man In.

Magazine wise, Grazia to get my fashion fix!

4. What are you watching?

Bloodline – a series on Netflix. I’ve got 3 more episodes before the days of endless searching begin!

5. What are you listening?

I always listen to Classic FM on my commute to and from work – don’t ask me why, I just like it. For that reason, I’m trying to stay tuned in during those time frames so I ‘feel’ like i’m going to work.

I’ve been saying for ages that I’d like to start listening to Podcasts so I’ve got a couple in mind that I might tune into, when I’m feeling that way inclined and I’ve finished my books.

6. How do you stay fit?

Joe Wicks, Joe Wicks and more Joe Wicks! Absolutely love his workouts. I can’t believe it’s taken a lockdown for me to get my gym attire out of the closet – shame on me!

7. Have you taken up a hobby?

Does thinking about what hobbies i’d like to try count ha? I’ve been saying, I’d like to do more baking but failed to give it a go as yet!

8. Any tips for getting necessities?

Make a list and walk to the Supermarket. That way, you can only get what you can carry back!

Just make do with what you’ve got until really necessary. If we can give up alcohol for Dry Jan and chocolate for Lent, I’m pretty sure we can survive without tomato ketchup with our chips?!?

9. Any tips how to cope with partner’s/kids’ meltdowns or cabin fever?

PMA – a day doesn’t go by when I’m not thinking, ‘we’re all in it together, you’re not alone’ so when tensions are high, I just take a step back.. usually exit the room and BREATHE.. then pour a large glass of wine!

10. An awkward moment?

My other half walking into a Zoom conference between colleagues and him saying, ‘oh that’s cool, how does that work then?’ #cringe

11. Best work email?

Announcement of Early finish Friday’s so we can all ‘cheers’ to surviving another week working from home and have a drink or two!

12. An aha! moment since this all started?

Probably realising how much I like routine.. oh and how easily pleased I am. After 32 years, it finally sunk in that i’m not a complex as I thought ha.

13. What’s your theory on how this is going to play out?

Society is going to be wild when this lockdown lifts! We’ll forever be stuck in traffic jams and everyone is going to party like there’s no tomorrow! I don’t like looking to the future, I’m all about the here and now, but I just really hope we get a vaccine so all the little humans out there never have to experience what we’ve had to!