How to successfully advertise on TikTok 

We’re excited to announce that Forward And Thinking are amongst a group of agencies who have access to TikTok’s advertising platform in the UK. TikTok provides a new and exciting opportunity for advertisers to engage with their target audience.

Our Digital Marketing Manager Matt Ryder knows how to use TikTok successfully as an advertising channel. Below he answer a few commonly asked questions about TikTok ads.

In the past months we’ve had numerous requests from businesses around TikTok advertising. I’m very excited that we are now in a position to offer TikTok Ads to our list of products.

As one of the leading social media platforms, it provides a new opportunity for advertisers to get in front of users. The app has fun and creativity at its heart with a heavily youth-focused user base.

With advertising on the platform being relatively new it also provides an opportunity to get in early. Businesses can advertise in a place that is not quite as saturated as some of the longer-established platforms.

Who uses TikTok?

TikTok is hugely popular with Gen Z. According to recent stats, 41% of users are aged 16-24 and 66% are younger than 30 years old.

However, with the Coronavirus pandemic resulting in the country being on lockdown, TikTok seems to be making its way through to older generations with many teens seen to be doing challenges with their parents and grandparents.

How much budget do I need for a TikTok campaign?

The minimum amount required to run a TikTok Ads campaign currently stands at £500 with a minimum daily spend of £50.

What are some of the TikTok targeting options?

The platform offers a range of targeting options already, including:

  • Device Targeting
  • Demographic Targeting
  • Interest Targeting
  • Location Targeting

You can even select up to 20 tags related to your advert. This helps you show around content that is relevant.

Can I target users in a small area such as a specific town or postcode?

Currently, TikTok Ads for UK users only allows targeting for the whole of the UK or individual countries (England, Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland). We’re eagerly awaiting any updates on this. We will inform you as soon as more granular location targeting options are available to us.

What will my TikTok adverts look like?

Not too dissimilar to adverts on Facebook/Instagram stories and Snapchat, TikTok adverts include a video, with a small amount of accompanying text, your brand logo and name and a call-to-action button.

The advert is primarily focused on your video creative. It changes after 9 seconds to make your call-to-action, text and logo more prominent.

What is your main tip for success?

Once you have your targeting options nailed, your creative is key! This applies to content and advertising across all platforms but for a platform like TikTok it is even more important. Your creative needs to be as vibrant and engaging as the content you are being shown around, being too boring, stuffy or ‘salesy’ will simply make you stand in the wrong way or even worse (and more likely) you will not even be noticed!

Deliver a highly engaging message quickly, provide value and (where appropriate) give a clear call-to-action using creative that really stands out or risk being lost in a sea of more eye-catching and interesting content.

Get onto TikTok advertising early and get in touch with me or one of our team today. We’re happy to discuss any questions and campaign ideas!