How Covid-19 affects Digital Marketing

The past few months have been an uncertain time for everyone across all industries and sectors. We wanted to break down the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic has affected the digital marketing world and share our insights into the current situation.

Our Digital Marketing Manager Molly reports on these changes.

Virtual events

Perhaps one of the most obvious elements of marketing to be impacted by the pandemic is events, with B2B companies and colleges in particular facing challenges on how to shift their trade shows and open day events from face to face to online. This has provided an excellent opportunity for these types of business to be more innovative with their online networking skills and has meant that digital marketing has been more important than ever before. The key here is to ensure your campaigns are tightly targeted and to ensure you’re still reaching the relevant audience whilst juggling moving to a more online strategy.

Campaign messaging

The pandemic has also meant that many clients have had to rethink their campaign strategy, changing up their messaging to fit with the current climate. It is now more important than ever to be building brand awareness, establishing goodwill, and working on building a positive aura around your brand.

It goes without saying that most people have a little more time on their hands and are therefore scrolling social media and browsing the web more. Users are also proving more likely to not only view adverts but also to respond to them and take action.

The future

So what does the future hold for digital marketing? Studies have shown that consumers are beginning to understand the long-game nature of the pandemic, with larger numbers of people beginning to realise the length of disruption to their daily lives will be ongoing for much longer than they initially thought, with most people expecting it to be at least a 6 month recovery period.

One thing to note is that consumers are more likely to expect there to be a significant impact on the economy rather than their personal finances, perhaps suggesting that consumers will continue with their spending habits in a relatively normal way in an attempt to help get the economy bounce back.

There also seems to be a widespread and growing approval of brands who are advertising as normal, signalling that now is not the time to press pause on your digital campaigns, and that it is pretty much business as usual, with a shift in focus and messaging.

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