Through the Eyes of – Working at FORWARD AND THINKING

Along with 2.6 billion other people, Forward And Thinking’s team is working from home.
Find out how each one of us is dealing with the lockdown, their coping mechanisms and everyday madness.

First up is Darren, our Sales Director.

1. What’s your situation like at the moment?

I decided to make the move northwards to Glasgow to be with my girlfriend as I saw this coming. Better to isolate with someone rather than alone, eh?

2. What’s your socialising strategy?

I see my kids via FaceTime every day. Living with someone is more sociable than I’ve been in ages.

3. What are you reading?

Magazines and doing logic problems.

4. What are you watching?

Tiger King and catching up on some comedies on All4.

5. What are you listening?

I always listen to music, all of the time, all day. Currently the new song by Fake names and MCID by Highly Suspect.

6. How do you stay fit?

I’ve made a commitment to running every day. Rather than doing 2-3 long runs a week, I’m trying to take advantage of my ‘government approved exercise time’.

7. Have you taken up a hobby?

Wearing stupid matching tracksuits with my girlfriend and being gangsta on our ‘government approved exercise’.

8. Any tips for getting necessities?

Saturdays and Sundays are quieter now as people, are spreading out the time. Be patient. Don’t be a d***.

9. Any tips how to cope with partner’s/kids’ meltdowns or cabin fever?

Ensure you have time to yourself for reading / listening with headphones….create a small bubble once a day.

10. An awkward moment?

Really none, I think it’s all gone swimmingly.

11. Best work email?

My wage slip!

12. An aha! moment since this all started?

The realisation that all of those meetings could have been an email and all of those emails could have been a phone call.

13. What’s your theory on how this is going to play out?

I think that we’ll be in ‘quarantine’ for a further 2 weeks after the initial period (hopefully the spread will have flat lined by then and the NHS pressure will ease), then we’ll have a phase return to normality, people returning to non-essential work, shops slowly opening. I think we’re a way away from large gatherings and schools going back though.