F&T at the HEMC!

Last week F&T were delighted to be a part of the Higher Education
Marketing Conference. We had a fabulous time attending several talks and
workshops over the few days.

Our team have put together their top takeaways from the event:

  1. 22% of students in 2020 said ‘I’m confident I will get my firm or
    insurance choice, but I will use Clearing to see if a better course
    or university might be available to me
  2. In February 2021 31% of students are thinking about going
    through clearing

Students are aware that they have choices and always exploring their
options. Universities need to create a strong communication bond with
students throughout the recruitment cycle by giving them key information
that equips them to start at the institute.

Between January deadline and Clearing it is a key time to keep
applicants engaged with authentic content. Content should show brand
personality and showcase the institute’s values and ethics. (87% of young
people pay attention to brands ethics when making a purchase and 24% of
Gen Z say ethics is the most important factor when choosing a brand).

  1. Parents were the most influential in terms of decision making,
    but course and location were also important. 

Targeting parents and influencers should be strategic by researching and
planning media that allows segmentation targeting along with creative
and copy that is designed for the audience in mind … what do parents
consider as important for their children? (Campus safety, grades, financial
grants etc).

  1. Universities/colleges are branching out from “highly polished”
    marketing content and having an increased focus on
    authentic user generated content 
  2. Sense of belonging and connectivity is key for students
    following covid and isolation 
  3. 3/4 of students have said they would like the virtual information
    that they see at virtual events, they would like HE to keep the
    information longer for them to view

Backed up by Jess who is studying at the University of Derby (presented- Play it by Ear: Listening to the Student Voice and Translating it into Marketing Campaigns) who said that she chose the university because YouTube videos were super helpful and motivating and there was content created by current students.

The University of Derby is another excellent example of communicating
with students through authentic content. They connected with students via
student takeovers on social channels during the pandemic, connecting
with current students and offering an insight to the Uni to prospective

Remember, Gen Z are smart consumers who can see through marketing
that is generic and disingenuous!

Along with attending several talks, we also hosted own virtual booth. Our
virtual booth included some resources aimed to help you target your
potential students!

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