Embracing the New Different: Marketing Post-Covid

Justin Gibbons’ new book, P² + C = 5, published by JCDecaux is an informative and inspiring read according to reviewers. The book is a call to ‘make things better’. It invites the reader to rethink their approach to marketing in a post-Covid world. Our Content Producer Lydia Empson reviews the book.

The Industry Today

Advertising works in different ways and is constantly changing over time and the industry is more innovative than ever before. With the unlimited advertising opportunities the world has to offer capturing the attention of consumers is more important. Brands need to aim for attention rather than just impressions which is what Gibbons’ new formula intends to achieve.

The Magic Formula

The formula P² + C = 5 is a way of shaping the future of post-Covid marketing.

P² stands for public and private media working together as a way of grabbing the attention of consumers and reinforcing trust.

Brand trust is more important since the Covid-19 pandemic. Consumers view a brand that is in touch with their values more positively. Public media is seen as trustworthy as a consumer is more likely to believe a statement which is made publicly. An element of prestige comes with public advertising which increases a brands overall appeal and awareness- a brand does better when it is known and thought of positively.  

The C in the formula stands for the ‘creative bridge’ which signifies how memorable your ad actually is. The advertisements that do best are the ones that are the most recognisable, creating brand identity.

The 5 in the formula stands for the rewards received when using P² + C. These being trust, attention, awareness, consideration and conversion. All extremely important when advertising in a post-Covid world.

Consumer Values Post-Covid

The book discusses the new sense of community that people have gained due to the lockdown. Gibbons suggests that public advertising can reinforce the idea of a local community. It is important to keep in touch with consumer values in order to market to the audience.

Overall, the book reinforces the importance of embracing “the new different” rather than the new normal. Covid-19 could be an invitation to rethink and look forward to a new future and a different approach to advertising. Purchase the book on JCDecaux’s website: