DAX – The market leader in digital audio advertising

Although people may think radio advertising is less effective than visual TV advertising, radio listening is still popular amongst consumers and it has many advantages. Live radio remains popular with 88% of UK adults listening to radio each week.

Audio content has the ability to intrude people’s lives. Audiences feel a closeness to radio, for example. Often times people listen to audio content in their personal spaces such as their homes and cars – therefore building a sense of familiarity and trust. 23% of live radio hours are listened to whilst driving/travelling and 55% of radio listening is done at home.

Radio maintains presence for advertisers due to its intrusively and the fact that it is a real time medium, meaning you can’t turn the page. The same applies to digital streaming services. Due to audio content’s habitual nature listeners are often loyal to certain radio stations they listen or streaming providers they subscribe to. Radio as well as streaming providers let advertisers appeal to certain demographics due to the vast array of radio stations and streaming services which all have different target audiences.

What is DAX?

DAX stands for the digital ad exchange, known for connecting advertisers, brands and agencies with publishers of the world’s best audio content. DAX broadcasts ads on Global’s radio stations including Capital FM and Heart. They also run campaigns on streaming services such as SoundCloud and Deezer and run ads on several podcasts. They work with many different brands to help gain their wide audience.

How big is its audience? 

Monthly, it has an audience of 27 million in the UK, 100 million in the US and 6 million in Canada.


DAX allows ads to appeal to different demographics. It allows for different variations of an ad to be delivered to different audiences based on their profile. DAX allows advertisers to target and reach specific audiences that are most likely to engage with their brand. Therefore, eliminating wastage and saving money.


DAX allows advertisers to gain insight into how successful their ad was. DAX can tell advertisers what their listeners did after hearing the ad. That way making it possible to calculate the return of their ad investment.

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