Christmas 2020: Advertising during a Pandemic

This year is unlike any other in so many ways. Christmas celebrations are likely to be impacted. A recent survey from ITV used a sample of TV viewers named “ITV Village” to gain insight into audience behaviour surrounding
Christmas to find out more.

What can we expect from Christmas this year?

Due to Coronavirus this Christmas is likely to be very different for a lot of us. With the second lockdown imminent, restricting people from seeing their loved ones, family and being together is likely to play an even stronger role than usual this Christmas. For most, this Christmas will be about making memories, having fun and participating in traditions such as Christmas dinner and watching films and TV.

Christmas shopping started early this year

The statistics show that people have started their Christmas activities earlier this year – including Christmas shopping. 39% of people say they will start before November. Suggesting that brands should start advertising for Christmas as soon as possible!

People are expected to make bigger purchases than usual this year and to buy gifts for people they wouldn’t normally buy for. 50% of people say that advertising gives them gift ideas, meaning that it is more important than ever! In particular, when gift giving 73% of people say TV advertising is used for inspiration.

Audience look towards TV ads for inspiration and getting into the festive spirit

60% of people say that TV is important to them at Christmas. Making it the perfect time for brands to increase their TV advertising. This is when families are likely to be watching TV together. Some use TV to provide company during the Christmas period. People often have more free time to watch TV over Christmas and most viewing tends to be in the evening.

People look forward to seeing Christmas advertisements as they are uplifting and signal the start of Christmas celebrations, getting them in the festive mood. However, audiences stress the importance of Christmas ads being considerate of the Coronavirus impact. ITV’s survey concluded that Christmas advertising drives anticipation and talkability- particularly amongst children in the household.

Although Coronavirus has changed the way some families will celebrate Christmas, the excitement and positivity surrounding the festive season is still prevalent. Christmas advertisements add to the festive joy!