A day in the life of Reena… a consumer-teer

In the last 12 months, the world has really changed. Where once we were yelling at the kids to get into the car, blasting the radio to keep up to date with local traffic to avoid morning congestion and keeping an eye on the weather to ensure we’d stuffed our trusted sunnies and sun cream into our bags- these stresses have somehow disappeared, and evolved into new stresses all in one place, our homes.

Working in media, and as a consumer myself, it’s my job to keep on top of lifestyle, behavioural and consumption habits. I wanted to share my average day and some articles that showcase how we as consumers, newly take in information. So I wanted to share with you, how my media habits have changed. 

Here’s how my day usually runs…

First I get up and go for a run, listening to an inspirational podcast on the global player app. I love this app. It’s free, has loads of radio stations on- useful dependent on my mood, and so, so many podcasts to fill my empty office with voices that entertain, educate and inspire me.

On this particular Monday, the podcast presenter is talking to me about the benefits of healthy and convenient fresh meal kit provider, Hello fresh. I run thinking, that’s a good idea. Saves me having to be creative in the kitchen after a long day glaring at a screen!

When getting ready for work I ask my new office companion Alexa to play magic chilled. The radio stays on all day, even when I’m downstairs making a quick lunch. I notice lots of adverts on here relevant to my lifestyle. Or maybe all of a sudden-being in my own company, I’m just paying better attention to them. Purina? Pets in a pickle? Well, this is creepy, how do they know I have a cat now?

Now for the afternoon

It’s 1pm and as a treat I step away from my desk and sit in front of another screen. This time, a bigger one, where I catch a bit of the news. I’m really interested in what’s going on in the world at the moment. Every week there seems to be a new update. What we should and shouldn’t do- it feels a bit like Groundhog Day, the same message day in- day out. I think, right- let’s try something else. I flick to Channel 4 and indulge in the Steph show which is much more light hearted. 

During the ad breaks I am prompted to get thinking about a new mattress, discounted home furniture, the convenience of ordering in- my favourite takeaway food- all of this is readily available to us, thanks to the internet. In just a few clicks I can be as happy as the woman on the advert tucking into her burger! 

Evening time!

Come the evening, after dinner, I rarely catch a show from the beginning. We watch it on demand, so we don’t miss a moment, and recently become obsessed with DIY and renovation shows. Still passing as new homeowners, we have put every hard-earned penny into doing up our house, after all, in the last year, we have spent more time in it than ever, we want it to be perfect for us. Thanks to 4OD we binge a few shows with a mission to watch the whole series that week.

At 10pm, we’re back on ITV, watching the news, to make sure we are up to date with everything going on in the world.

Before bed, I settle down to yet another a podcast to help me sleep, thanks, yet again, to Global Player. This time it’s something to help me drift off, ready to begin another day, eager to take on new information. 

Does any of this sound familiar? If so, as a business, have you thought about how to newly approach audiences working from home, like me? 

This is my personal account, but- do take a look at some of the reports I have reviewed since lockdown, which support my experiences and showcase these new changes are happening, and the media you should be considering as part of your strategy:

As always, I’m on hand if anyone wants to discuss media strategy, and the best solutions that are most relevant to their businesses, right now.

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