World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day 2019
Here at Forward And Thinking we care about mental health. That’s why on WMHD19 we want to let you know: You are not alone. Let’s talk about it.

A message from our founders Ali and Andrew Johnson:

Today is World Mental Health Day and this year’s theme is ‘suicide prevention”.

According to the Mental Health Charity the number of suicides has risen in 2018. This is concerning – especially the rise for young people and men.

The reasons behind suicide are complex. Often it is when many factors come together that people are at the greatest risk.

Studies point to financial uncertainty, poverty, unemployment, traumatic life events and persistent inequality as all having a significant influence, along with wider factors including ill-health, loneliness and discrimination.

That is why communicating hope is so vital.

We have chosen to highlight Five Ways to Wellbeing for World Mental Health Day this year, and how they can help us to achieve balance at work.

The Five Ways are:

  1. Connect

Try talking instead of sending an email or take time to chat with a colleague on your break.

  1. Be active

Take a walk at lunch time, or organise a work sport activity

  1. Take notice

Declutter your desk, add a plant to the office (or request your very own fish!) or try a new work route.

  1. Learn

Learn something new about a colleague, take up a hobby, or organise out of work activities with colleagues or friends

  1. Give

Make an effort to do one daily act of kindness in the office or volunteer in your free time.

Where can you get help?

We all do our best to manage our mental health, but sometimes our stress or mood can affect our day-to-day lives and we can feel that we can’t cope. It is important to know that you are not alone, and you can ask for help.

If you feel overwhelmed having any other issues, please talk directly to Andrew and myself as well as your line manager.

Insight Healthcare provides free, confidential talking therapies across the country on behalf of the NHS.

You can find a service here:

Also check the NHS Choices website to find your nearest service:

All the best,

Ali and Andrew

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