Working at F&T: What I’ve Learnt So Far

What new skills have you gained in your first 3 months working at F&T? 

I’ve learnt a lot of digital marketing skills, such as scheduling ads on different platforms like the Facebook Network, Google Display, Google Search, YouTube, LinkedIn and Snapchat. It was exciting learning about all the different products F&T offer.

What skills of yours have developed over the past few months? 

I have definitely developed my teamwork skills. I have really enjoyed working with my digital team on our client campaigns. A big one as well would be time management – that’s always been a skill of mine but our workload platform allows me to see all of my tasks in one place which really helps me be even more organised!

What are you most looking forward to learning? 

I’m really looking forward to learning more about the Google Search platform. It’s my last one to learn scheduling-wise. It will be really nice to be able to do all of my scheduling in one go.

How does your role compare to your time at University? 

I learnt a lot of transferable skills at University which have helped me in a role like this and it’s nice to put those skills from theory into practice. I also really like working with my team and it’s great to work for such a wide range of clients from Educational institutions, Retail or the Public Sector. 

What do you like the most about working at F&T? 

I would definitely say the people. It’s a really good team and it’s a really nice environment being in the office and seeing everyone. We also do really fun team events like the office Christmas party. The whole team was so welcoming and supportive as well which made me feel at home straight away. 

Tell us a bit about your team! 

I could be biased but I think that the digital team is the best team … we all work really well together. We’re all really busy but we still make time to check in with each other and help each other out. 

How have you found hybrid working? 

When I completed my University degree it was all from home in my final year, so coming into a role with hybrid working was probably easier for me than it would have been for someone else. I think starting a new role from home is quite difficult because you’re not seeing people face to face, but I did have an initial two weeks of training in the office so that was a nice introduction. 

What’s your favourite part of the job? 

For my job at the moment my main role is supporting our Digital Marketing Executives Molly and Sarah. It’s very rewarding to feel like you are helping out and having an impact on a campaign’s performance. It’s also really exciting to be able to follow a client’s campaign life cycle in detail and to learn how to implement the best performing campaigns possible for our clients.