The Power of Video  

The Power of Video  
Our Digital Marketing Executive Molly Thompson is an expert when it comes to anything Google Ads, Social Ads and Digital Marketing related. Given the unprecedented situation we find ourselves in with Covid-19, our our clients are adapting their marketing strategies. Molly is an expert on how to get the best results from digital campaigns and how to stay front of mind with target audiences during these challenging times.
Here Molly writes why video is so vital in any marketing strategy now. 

It’s no surprise that video is taking the digital marketing world by storm at the moment. It provides convenience and entertainment for the consumer and maximises potential reach for marketers. 

The Covid-19, or Coronavirus, pandemic has increased the importance of video even more. Now that consumers have to stay at home, marketers need to readjust their brand and channel strategy 

Video (Digital, Online, TV, OTT), next to Audio (Radio, DAX, Instream,Podcasts), is going to be the most important medium to reach consumers within their own four walls.  

We’ve put together the top 4 ways in which incorporating video marketing into your overall strategy can help your business now: 
  1. Video posts on social media generate an impressive 12 times more shares than posts containing text and images combined, meaning your message can be spread wider and reach even more people. 
  2. 45% of users take some form of action after seeing a video advert, whether that be post shares or making purchases. 
  3. Video is great when you really want your message to stick. Viewers have shown to retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to just 10% when reading it. 
  4. You can extend video to your website too. Users are proven to spend more time on websites with video than those without it. 
Convinced? Here are some tips on creating impactful videos: 
  1. Tell a story and make it authentic. This helps you to emotionally connect with your customers and help them to understand your brand and its journey. 
  2. Keep your videos short. Users are likely to click away or scroll past your post after 10 seconds. And even more likely to after 30 seconds. Keeping your videos short increases your chances of users watching until the end. 
  3. Use subtitles and graphics when possible. 85% of videos are now watched on mute, so keep these users engaged with subtitles. 
  4. Include a call to action on screen to encourage your customers to act – this is after all, the ultimate goal. 

Get in touch with our team today to see how we can help you get the best out of your video marketing. 

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