The Benefits of a Google Partner Agency

The Benefits of a Google Partner Agency

We’re extremely committed to delivering exceptional campaigns for our clients. Our team have worked hard to achieve our Google Partner status, but what does this mean and how is it beneficial for our clients? We’ll take you through some of the advantages of working with a Google badged agency and the opportunities it provides for our clients.

We Are Certified

If you’ve visited our website, you’ve no doubt seen the image proudly displayed on our homepage. This shows that our staff has passed Google AdWords’ product certification exams and proves that we are up to date with the latest product knowledge. This is a badge that we at Forward And Thinking have earned and you can be confident in our abilities to deliver effective campaigns for you.

We Are Experts

In meeting the criteria necessary to be awarded a Google Partner Badge, our staffs’ skills and knowledge must be of a high professional standard. This guarantees that we provide you with the quality service that you both expect and deserve. Consequently, not only will we be able to deliver your campaign to the online world, we can use Google AdSense to maintain and tweak your campaign to guarantee it is hitting the right demographic and that you are making the most out of your advertising investment.

Access To Latest Products

As we are a Google Partner, we are given the opportunity to use Google’s beta features. Whenever a new application is created or updated for example, we have access to use it up to a year before it is made available to those who are not certified as a Google Partner. This means that we provide a way for you to stay ahead of your competitors while we access the best and most recent services from Google.

Dedicated Google Representative

Thanks to our hard work and dedication in becoming a Google Partner, we have access a valuable service that allows us to contact a Google representative. They are on hand to answer any question we may have regarding the accounts of our clients and we don’t have to wait in line to contact them. This means any issues you may come across in your campaign can quickly be resolved.

High Quality Service Maintained

To make sure our clients are getting the best possible service, Google monitors our performance to make sure that we’re delivering the high-quality service that Google, our clients and we expect of ourselves. All our campaigns are reviewed by Google to make sure that they are of the highest possible quality, as well as ensuring that they are appropriate to publish online. We also monitor where our advertisements are displayed guaranteeing your brand isn’t associated with websites and videos that may be inappropriate.

These are just five of the benefits that being a Google Partner allows us to offer our clients, no doubt there are plenty more ready and waiting for you to discover!

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