Q&A With Jenna!

Welcome to the team Jenna! Can you tell me a bit about yourself and your background?

I’ve had a varied background which has given me a wide range of skills to bring to my new role. I studied Linguistics and Philosophy at York University before starting to work in several roles where I was looking after clients and suppliers, meeting deadlines and ensuring everyone was happy! I’m really excited to bring my expertise to this new role and can’t wait to get started.

So, what attracted you to your new role?

It just looked so exciting! Really creative and a chance to talk to clients, not to mention the ability to progress.

What attracted you to F&T?

It looked like a really modern and exciting company to be a part of. It just seemed like my cup of tea to be honest!

What do you think of the F&T office?

Oh my gosh, I love it! It has to be the best office I’ve ever been in. When I had my interview, I went into the boardroom with the motorbike in the middle and I just absolutely loved it – I went back and told all my friends about it!

How did you find your first day?

It was really exciting, slightly overwhelming meeting everybody all at once because I was trying to remember everybody’s names! But it was so lovely and everybody was so welcoming. I just really enjoyed it.

I know it’s only your second day, but what has been your favourite thing about F&T so far?

It has to be the people so far, I’m definitely a people person and I love the fact that everyone is so friendly and they’ve all been so lovely.

That’s good to hear! So what was it like meeting the team online?

It was really good, a little bit strange as I have never been in a situation where I’m meeting people online for the first time – so it’s been really interesting! 

What skills do you have that you think will help you in your new role?

People skills, and I really love time management. I like to organise my day so I think that will definitely help. 

More about you, outside of work what are your hobbies and interests? 

Probably the number one is my dog. I am obsessed with her, she’s called Molly and she’s a lab. She’s really naughty but I love taking her for walks and hanging out with her. Aside from that, I like to meet my friends but they are all living all over the place – from Teesside to London! When I’m not out with friends, I also read a lot.

And finally, what are you most excited about for your new role with F&T? 

Developing my skills, being able to progress as a person and being supported in that. I am really looking forward to building relationships with everybody! 

Thanks so much Jenna, we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for F&T!