Now is the time.

Now is the time.
Now is the time. F&T joined the many businesses that asked all employees to work from home.
Why? Because keeping our team and associates safe is our number one priority during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic.
What does the new situation mean? Well, were still 100% committed to delivering the best service for our clients. Advising on adapting your advertising strategy in these strange and unprecedented time of social distancing and isolation. Being flexible and reliable. Continuing to deliver top results.
What does this mean for us as a team? We’re strong and will become stronger as a result of this. We will remain highly productive as individuals and as a business using digital collaboration and communication tools.
Please give us a ring, we are happy to have a chat if you have any questions! However, don’t be surprised if you hear children’s laughter or the odd dog barking, after all we are at home!
Your F&T team 

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