LinkedIn and Instagram launching new EVENTS features

LinkedIn and Instagram launching new EVENTS features

Starting today, LinkedIn is the first to roll out its new Events feature. Starting with English-speaking countries, it’s aiming to expand it to further non-English markets soon.

Instagram is testing out a new Stories sticker option as well. It facilitates event participation by allowing users to send out invites. There is no official release date yet, but observers expect it to launch within a couple of months.

This is what Matt, our Digital Marketing Expert, thinks of the new features:

I’m a bit apprehensive about Instagram’s Events feature. That’s due to the nature of the platform  – I see it as being more of a content consumption platform as opposed to a ‘classic’ social network. It may turn out to be hugely popular but we’ll have to see.

As for LinkedIn, I’m surprised it has taken them this long to get an events feature implemented. I frequently see people promoting events to their connections. Which also serves to drum up interest outside of their first circle.

Having a structured and interactive way of doing this can only be a good thing for users and, as LinkedIn clearly has planned, could provide a nice revenue stream for the platform.

Hopefully they won’t put too many features behind the LinkedIn Premium paywall and it will be good enough for them to warrant taking so long to release something of this nature.

I’ll be interested to try both features, see what they bring to the table and to see how well they benefit their respective audiences.

Thanks Matt and make sure to keep us updated!

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