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Askham Bryan College asked Forward & Thinking to help them create awareness of each campus and the range of courses available in a period leading up to each Open Day event, in the need to engage and encourage enrolment. This was mainly to be done through OOH media.


Following our insights and analysis process, we identified the need to create several multi-channel mini-campaigns and begin activity for each six weeks prior in order to successfully profile each Open Day event. This lead time was essential for building momentum of the message, familiarity of the Askham Bryan brand and continuity of exposure across the same platforms in/around each Campus location, month on month.
The overarching year plan included a mix of Bus/Rail, Audio Streaming (Spotify/Dax), Digivan and Small and Large Format. The weighting of each platform and mini campaign budget was driven by the success of previous Open Days, what media exists in the area and most importantly, audience behaviour – how they engage and what influences them.


With Digital panels in Shopping Centres and Supermarkets purchased on an impression and/or share of voice basis (SOV), we were able to cherry-pick exactly how many people we wanted to target (e.g. 500,000 impressions) over what period (e.g. 2 weeks) and at what cost (e.g. £2,500). The share of voice element enabled us to dominate specific screens (1 or multiple) and knowing the Student/Influencer ratio surrounding each campus, allowed us to weight exposure, steer the repetition and alternation of creative in order to drive traffic of both audiences, to each campus or the website.

Askham Bryan Artwork

Forward & Thinking planned a balanced mix of carefully targeted digital marketing and out-of-home advertising across a mix of key geographical areas resulting in a boost in our visitor numbers to our open event by 43% compared to the previous year.

Askham Bryan College