Introducing The Planning Team

Media Planner Manager Cally and Media Planner Emily together.

The Planning team are the masterminds behind out of home advertising. Whether it’s billboards, digivans or video on demand (VOD) our girls surely do know their stuff. Get to know them a little more, you’ll find a fun fact or two!



Having joined the company three years ago as the Media Planner, Cally is now our Media Planning Manager. Responsible for planning amazing out of home advertising campaigns for a large array of clients, whilst overseeing the incredible planning team. The best part about her job? Seeing the campaigns being a HUGE success and working with the best people. 

That’s not all, as we learnt at our Christmas party Cally is a great cutlery bongo player and can even knock out a headstand here and there! (We have photographic evidence too). 



Our very own Welsh girl joining us almost two years ago! Starting as the Media Assistant and now a Media Planner. Her day-to-day involves creating wonderful plans for our out of home clients, researching the array of media available plus build her knowledge daily. Em’s fave role perk? Being apart of such a great team, where everyone pulls together, plus seeing the campaigns live!

Party trick? It has to be opening a bottle of beer with a teaspoon. We believe this is the ultimate party trick, being able to say the longest train station in the world:




Keep your eyes peeled across our social media for more introductory blog posts. We’ll be introducing the full team within the coming weeks. But for now, if you’re interested in booking an outdoor campaign why not contact us today?

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