Instagram’s Newly Launched Chat Sticker


Instagram officially launched the ‘Join Chat’ sticker for Stories last week, allowing users to instantly tap to start a conversation from within Stories. 


Anyone who taps the ‘Join Chat’ sticker will join a group conversation within the app linking to the original post, but the poster will still have control over chat participants. Facebook who shut down the standalone Instagram direct messaging app Direct back in May, has dubbed the chat sticker as the “easy way to start conversation”, but is this really the case? Our Digital team have tested the sticker and are now ready to share what they think. 


I like it.

For me I see this being a massive opportunity for brands to engage with their audience and a way to bring like-minded people together. We all like to follow that certain influencer that none of our friends knows exist which leaves us with little opportunity to discuss their content with like-minded people or people with similar interests. I see this feature as a great way to connect people together.

On a personal level, I don’t see the value yet and when I tested it on my story I just had a bunch of my friends calling each other unsavoury names, that they would normally use our group chat for.


I’m a bit on the fence with this as I don’t make use of the stories function very often, neither to publish content or consume it. That being said, I think it has the potential to be a great way for people or brands to spark conversations about things they’re experiencing or posting about. 

On a personal level, this could be someone asking for people’s input on how they should decorate a room or someone looking to start a discussion about a movie they’ve just watched at the cinema. 

On a commercial level, it could be a great way for brands to have discussions with their followers by asking for people’s thoughts on a new product, event idea, etc. or as a way for businesses or influencers to run AMAs (ask me anything) or to start conversations which they can then capitalise on to promote their products, services and brand. 

Time will tell how successful this feature will be but I definitely think there are some potentially interesting applications.


In all honesty, as much as I love Instagram as a platform the new chat feature isn’t for me. 

Instagram is an image and an in-the-moment sharing platform, where we as users can be influenced by both influencers and brands alike. If I’m wanting to have a conversation with others I’d choose other messaging platforms/services e.g. WhatsApp or iMessage. 

However, there is the possibility it may work for SMEs and/or influencers who are wanting to learn more about their audience, how they consume the content, and what they would like to see from these accounts in the future. 


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