Get To Know Our New Starters!

Meet Kitty, our new Digital Marketing Assistant.

We asked a series of questions to get to know her better, learn more about Kitty with our Q&A!

1. What inspired you to pursue the career you have today?

I studied Media and Popular Culture at University, so marketing and social media have always been interests of mine. My job is now in digital marketing, so it’s a nice combination of the two passions!

2. What social media platform can you not live without?

At the moment I would say Instagram, because I like being able to keep up with what family and friends are up to but also following my favourite influencers for fashion inspo. I also love taking photos so it’s a nice creative outlet being able to plan my grid or just scroll down my feed for creative inspiration.

3. Pineapple on pizza – yes, or no?

No. For multiple reasons. I don’t eat meat so couldn’t have a Hawaiian, and the thought of hot pineapple just sounds gross anyway so I don’t think I’m missing much there.

4. Which celebrity, past or present, would you invite as a dinner guest?

Marilyn Monroe, because of the mystique that surrounds her life and her death. So it would be so interesting to get her side of it all. And I just think she’d have loads of cool stories to tell because she obviously lived such an interesting life filled with interesting people.

5. What was your first job?

I worked in ToysRUs for a bit when I was younger, but I would say my first real job was writing for Fuzzable, which is an online magazine. I enjoyed working there because it allowed me to be creative and work on my writing skills which I think are some great transferable skills to bring into my new role at F&T.

6. What’s your favourite movie?

My favourite movie is All About Eve. I love everything about the film like the era and the costumes and obviously Bette Davis. I think the best part about watching a film is feeling like you’re in a completely different world to your own and you definitely get that watching All About Eve.

7. In your opinion, what’s your most valuable skill?

I think my most valuable skill is adaptability because it allows me to cope with changes easily and shift my approach to situations accordingly. For example, finishing my degree during a global pandemic definitely required me to be highly adaptable, to cope with online lectures and the lack of physical resources such as the library and even my peers.

Interesting answers Kitty… we can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us in your new role!