Media buying and advertising agency F&T joins Grohe UK in Spotify’s Studio Sessions

Forward & Thinking’s Media Planning Manager Natalea Walker was invited to the latest Spotify Studio Sessions alongside Matthew Gittens, Digital Marketing Manager for Grohe UK, to discuss Spotify’s advertising platform.

Together with Spotify’s Growth Account Manager Helin Sarkisova, they discussed Spotify’s self-serve advertising platform, Spotify Ad Studio.  

As experts in marketing campaigns for educational institutions Forward & Thinking started out using Spotify’s advertising platform to reach a younger audience profile. 

Using Spotify

F&T’s Media Planning Manager Natalea Walker, says “The media landscape is constantly changing. Our clients are always looking for the next best thing that’s going to promote their message, fit within their budget and target their specific audience. 

We have a large number of clients in the education sector that reach younger audiences through streaming services. Spotify’s streaming intelligence has allowed us to identify its suitability for a whole host of audiences. It’s something we can use as a platform for a number of clients now.” 

Natalea was thrilled to be invited to take part in the webinar. “It was a pleasure to be asked by Spotify to sit on the panel and share our experience and knowledge of the platform with others. 

Being acknowledged by Spotify was certainly a proud moment for F&T. It showed that they do really value our use of the system and the feedback we give them. It’s great to see the platform developing and hear about how others are using it. We can now pass these insights on to our clients and implement them within campaigns”

Spotify Campaigns

Forward & Thinking’s Media Planning expert Andrew Sterling is also an advocate for Spotify Ad Studio:  

“The growth in the use of audio in the industry drew us to Spotify to push our client’s messages and raise brand awareness. We can be significantly more flexible on this platform. As an agency, it helps us build Spotify around a client’s campaign. This means we can include it a lot more frequently with less time and work required internally.

It is used to ensure blanket coverage alongside other media types. F&T generally create media mix campaigns for our clients. However, the targeting options within Spotify allow us to drill into an audience more and deliver less wastage. This helps us deliver the right message to the right listeners.

Other benefits are that we can deliver breakdowns of in-depth results we’re not able to with other platforms. The fact we have a dashboard to regularly log into allows us to keep up to date with any campaign stats and highlight where things might be underperforming and able to amend, rather than wait for suppliers to tell us at the end of a campaign. We have the control on the platform.” 

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You can watch the full Spotify Ad Studio webinar here