From Then till Now: 5 years at F&T

Where it all started

Since starting to work with F&T in 2017 a lot has definitely changed! When I first looked at F&T’s website and socials, I knew it was a workplace I would love and an industry I was keen to get involved in. 

I joined F&T as a Media Assistant. I ensured all campaigns were booked correctly and went live as planned. Once the campaigns had finished, I was responsible for completing the campaign reports. This role led me into planning, allowing me to be more involved in a clients’ campaign from the start. In my role of Media Planner, I would research and create the campaigns. Eventually, I progressed into a senior role. As a Senior Media Planner, I became a mentor figure for my team and participated in new starter training. 

All of this has brought me to my recent promotion to Media Planning Manager. I now oversee and manage the Planning team, working with them on plans whilst also working closely with the Head of Department to develop and implement the planning strategy. 

I feel very inspired by my Head of Department, Natalea Walker. I’ve learnt so much from Nat, she’s really helped me grow into my current role. She has a proactive mindset and constantly brings out the best of the team – footsteps I hope to follow in! 

Top 30 Under 30

A highlight of my career was joining the Hull & Humber Top 30 Under 30 class of 2022. When I learnt that I was selected as part of this year’s Top 30 Under 30, I was taken aback. It was an amazing acknowledgement from F&T to be nominated. I feel so lucky to be selected and part of such a great scheme that I know so many people have had positive outcomes from. 

I’m really excited to get started on the LEAP programme. I’m sure it’s going to have a massive impact on me, helping to develop new skills that I can use in my role and overall career, as well as personally growing, too. 

Working for F&T

F&T is such a great company to work for. Since I joined five years ago, we have hugely grown in terms of employee numbers, also the media portfolio we buy across and the different industries we now work with. This has been incredible to be a part of! 

We have four core values of Care, Listen, Honest and Deliver that make up who we are as a company and we all strive for the best outcome. Not only for our clients, but each other internally as well. F&T really is an ever-growing family. 

Advice to younger Emily… 

If I were to give any advice to my younger self, first starting her career, I would say keep working hard! I really believe that hard work pays off. You can start from the bottom and work your way up to a role or an area of a business, gaining confidence each step of the way. 

There will be difficult patches, sometimes out of your comfort zone. But there are always lessons to learn and great times too. 

So, head down, crack on, keep a positive mindset and the rest will come together.