“Fascinating how advertising campaigns come together”

"Fascinating how advertising campaigns come together"

Hi, I’m Tara,

I’m from Essex and am 17. I study History, Finance, Business and Design Technology.

The past week I joined advertising and media buying company Forward And Thinking for a week’s work experience. I was intrigued to learn how the agency operates and what departments do on a day to day basis.


In the morning, I joined the weekly team meeting. All the teams shared successes of the previous week. Then Fiona, Forward And Thinking’s Media Planner, gave me an introduction to the company, its services and how the office operates. In the afternoon I was looking into the variety of products offered and most effective use of each. It was surprising to see the different options of media and what they were most effective for. It was good to learn the process and what has to happen in order for an advert to be successful.


Planning training with Media Planner Cally. Campaigns are firstly planned by looking at available options of media whether its OOH or digital to be cost efficient with impressions. Then planners research locations, availability and work out deadlines while not going over the budget. Afterwards, we also looked at how a post-campaign analysis is put together for the client to ensure all media spend is accounted for and successes are highlighted.


The day consisted of shadowing the marketing department with Marina and Georgia. It started off with a meeting to find out their responsibilities like raising brand awareness, PR and social media for Forward And Thinking. I then conducted a social media analysis to see which content received the best responses, had the most impressions and engagement.


I looked at a whole trail of a campaign, from the client brief to the PCA, showing me what the teams achieve for every campaign they create. In the afternoon I helped working on a PowerPoint presentation for a client.


I provided input for the briefing stage of a university campaign. As I am currently looking at universities, I fall right into the target category. I then completed a course for online advertising on Google Garage.

To finish the week, the team took me out for a pub lunch. The team has been super friendly showing me their typical day in different departments to give me a range of experience across the agency and it’s been very interesting and enjoyable. It has been fascinating to learn how a campaign comes together and what different elements come into play. The time with Forward And Thinking has given me a great insight into the advertising industry and I would recommend the work experience to everyone to get a taste of advertising.

Thank you for having me!

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