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The digital advan offers a quirky and much loved retro image that instantly engages audiences, drawing them in and getting them talking. At events you need to stand out and our digital advan is the ultimate ice-breaker. Whether you want to increase brand awareness or collect data we will discuss the best strategy for the day to ensure that your objectives are met.

  •  Two 47″ LED screens – perfect for displaying all HD media and drawing in the crowds for showcasing, videos of your products of services.
  • Batteries can power the screens independently for more than 48 hours between charges – no need to be based near a power point.
  • Full body wrap available – customise the advan to suit the occasion.
  • GPS tracking system reporting on the routes taken including vehicle stops, time at target locations and accountability that we can share with you after the event.
  • The advan is fully licensed by PRS for TV and Radio broadcasting and allows you to display adverts, music or games on a loop all day long with no licensing issues.

If you want the opportunity to captivate your audience, with the flexibility to choose the outdoor location that best suits your brand message, then a Digital Advan is the perfect choice. The evolution of the Digital Advan means that it’s easier than ever to interact with you audience, from touch screens to live streams of your social media account on the screen. Your videos or artwork can also be changed throughout the day to promote different messages depending on your audience reach. Digital Advans are the ideal platform to get the crowds talking about your business and to capture their attention.


Adbikes are an eco-friendly advertising alternative to push your brand message, as well as having the capability to reach pedestrianised areas where the crowds are but it may otherwise be difficult to advertise. To grab the attention of passes by further, you can push out your messages using the integrated Bluetooth technology. Your tailored advertising messages can be beamed to passing mobile phone users to tie into your promotion. The Adbikes will include a dedicated team member for the day who can be dressed as a member of your business, while distributing leaflets or giveaways as part of the campaign.

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